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Cutler and Gross have been designing and making beautiful eyewear since 1969. Established by friends and opticians, Mr Cutler and Mr Gross, Cutler and Gross was founded on the principle that when it comes to eyewear, it’s not just about how we see the world, it’s about how others see us.

Starting off as a small bespoke business in London’s Knightsbridge, over the last 50 years Cutler and Gross has flourished into a full-fledged mecca for artists, rock-stars, writers and royalty. With every carefully sculpted curve, line or shape, their elegance, character and magic have the power to transform people. Cutler and Gross didn’t just make glasses – they were optical architects in pursuit of a product so intrinsically iconic that no external logo or branding was necessary.
Each pair is made in Italy, handcrafted by experienced craftspeople using the finest raw materials and a seemingly endless enthusiasm to manufacture styles that celebrate the clarity of vision. Their hand-made, bespoke frames were the natural choice for many a discerning customer, who valued the Cutler and Gross commitment to quality, fit and good design. Modern-day attitudes to eyewear were transformed forever thanks to their pioneering approach that fused elegance, creativity and cutting-edge craft without compromise. It’s a philosophy that has endured for over half a century and continues to shape the Cutler and Gross collections to this day.
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