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Myopia or short-sightedness

Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness, is a prevalent vision condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

It occurs when the eye’s optical system focuses light in front of the retina instead of directly on it, causing distant objects to appear blurry while close-up objects are seen clearly. Myopia often develops during childhood and tends to progress until early adulthood. Genetics plays a significant role in its development, but environmental factors, such as excessive screen time and limited outdoor activities, can also contribute to its prevalence.

Corrective lenses, such as myopia glasses or contact lenses, are commonly used to alleviate the visual impairment associated with myopia. In more severe cases, refractive surgery like LASIK can be considered to reshape the cornea and reduce dependency on corrective eyewear. Managing myopia is essential not only for clear vision but also for preventing potential complications like retinal detachment and glaucoma that can arise in highly myopic individuals if left unaddressed. Regular eye examinations and proactive interventions are key in addressing this common vision concern. Speak with us about your options, including myopia glasses, today.

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