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If you wear glasses for day to day life, you probably need them for outdoor activities too. Prescription sunglasses not only offer sun protection, but the benefit of clearer vision is obvious. Driving is much more comfortable when things are in focus and you’re not squinting from the excessive glare of the sun.

Excessive UV exposure can cause corneal damage, earlier incidence of cataracts and retinal diseases that can affect your vision. The wider and deeper design of sunglass frames offer enhanced coverage compared to the designs of many clear frames. This also means the skin around the eyes is protected too, leading to fewer sun-spots and delaying premature skin ageing.

With prescription sunglasses, you can freely customize how you want the lenses to look. Perhaps you’ve spotted these amazing frames, but you prefer the enhanced contrast a brown-tinted lens can give you – done.

Would you like your frames to sit snug when you’re out and about, rather than slipping down your nose? Most designs are adjustable to better fit your features, whereas non-optical sunglasses are often made of brittle materials more likely to snap.

When accidents occur, your glasses are also covered under warranty – because the last thing you want on top of broken glasses is to be out of pocket too.

What about Transition lenses?

Are you constantly on the go, travelling between workplaces? Or do you just enjoy a mix of the homebody life and the great outdoors? Transitions are an excellent step towards upping your UV protection game. Also known as photochromic lenses, they automatically darken when you’re outdoors, and take less than 5 minutes to become transparent again once you’re indoors. The best thing is regardless of the tint, they are treated with a UV protective coating that is always working for your eyes.

Transitions Signature lenses are now available in 4 trendy colours: sapphire, emerald, amethyst and amber. There’s even more shades available if you would prefer a mirror finish.

Okay, but what about Transition lenses for driving?

We can do that too. Transitions XTRAactive work behind the wheel and only have a hint of tint when indoors. They’re safe for driving at any time of day. Drivewear is for daytime driving only, but offers superior glare reduction because it polarises as it darkens.

Sounds good, when and where can I come in?

Wherever you’re located in Adelaide, there’s an Eyes and Vision practice near you. We have 6 practices across Adelaide and much, much more than that in frame styles. Come down and see us today for all your prescription sunglasses needs or book now to secure your appointment time. 

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