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July 9-15 is National Diabetes Week.


Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health conditions in Australia with a staggering 300 people a day being newly diagnosed with the condition (that’s one person every 5 minutes!). In fact, 5.3% of the population live with a diagnosis of diabetes.

Diabetes impacts on many areas of a person’s life, and has a high correlation with heart and kidney disease, as well as vision loss.


Did you know that “Diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness in working age Australians.”? [sourced from Diabetes Australia]

Between 25% and 35% of Australians diagnosed with diabetes report some form of diabetic retinopathy or diabetic macular oedema, which can severely impact your vision. That is why it is crucial for all people with a diabetes diagnosis to get a thorough eye examination – we recommend at least ONCE A YEAR. This is especially important because these conditions can have no symptoms in the early stages – any changes within the eye can only be picked up by a thorough examination.


At Eyes and Vision, our Diabetic Eye Clinic has the latest technology to help identify diabetic changes, including a widefield Laser Scan, which is a powerful tool in detecting early diabetic eye changes. In addition, our gold standard Zeiss 4D OCT (as used by the majority of Adelaide’s eye specialists), enables us to detect these sight-threatening conditions. An eye examination will also help detect cataracts and glaucoma, both of which are much more commonly found within the diabetic population.

Early detection of any of these conditions can help prevent vision loss. If you are diabetic, make an appointment with us for your Diabetic Eye Clinic consultation today.

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